• Welcome to Chania Gastronomy!

    Experience your senses.
  • Welcome to Chania Gastronomy!

    Experience your senses
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Chania Gastronomy

Experience your senses...    

Chania Gastronomy has been founded by the Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism, a certified educational establishment specializing in Cretan gastronomy.

It is due to the love for our region and its gastronomy, we decided to expand our educational activities to the visitors of Island Crete and help them grasp the essence of our wine and food culture.

We specialize in organizing private culinary tours and activities for foodie travelers and food professionals willing to experience the authentic taste of Crete. We love sharing our knowledge and passion for the culinary culture of our island, providing a personalized service to grant that each guest enjoys the true flavors of Crete at his own pace. When it comes to Cretan food, you could say it features the three F’s: freshness, fragrance, and family. The famous Cretan Diet is the epitome of healthy nutrition for all adults but mainly for children.

We don’t offer the ordinary cookery classes because our concept is based on deliberate choices of original Cretan food, locally sourced, balanced and seasoned to your taste. 

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